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Gino Bogoni

Bronze Concerts

Bronze Concerts


Bronze Concerts by Gino Bogoni

Massimo Totola, voice
Guillermo Gonzales, overtone singing
Sbibu, percussionist


"Concerto in bronzo" is the title of a performance born from Gino Bogoni's hands in the distant 1972, when the sculptor from Verona gives birth to the "Lotus". 
"Lotus" is a living creature, because cosmic melodies are produced by its thin scales, capturing and moving every attentive and sensitive soul who have the chance to pass near by. "Lotus", beside being an outstanding piece of art (winning, in 1973, the 1st Prize at the 9th International Competition of the Bronzetto in Padua) becomes in the hands of Francesco "Sbibu" Sguazzabia a real musical instrument. Only some years ago, after a long time looking for a percussionist who could play the bronze, me and my husband Franco have finally succeeded in finding him. "Sbibu" is Gino Bogoni's soulmate. He is, like I used to define my father-in-law Gino, a "redskin". He is a unique talent, because he's authentic, real, genuine, exactly the same as Bogoni. He loves Gino's creatures, as much as Gino loved them. He caresses them, he stimulates them, seduces them and let them charm him. He speaks to them and let them speak, as they give themselves to him, as they did to their creator, Gino Bogoni. The project "Concerto in Bronzo" is born from the linkage of these two candid, naive, pure and exceptionally transparent souls. The project wants to be a homage to the genius, the skills, the probity and the stubborness of these two artists, Sbibu and Gino Bogoni. Although having never knew each other, they nonetheless managed to meet and talk to each other through a universal language, the language of Arts.


Patrizia Arduini Bogoni, 2010


Musicians and artist previously feaatured in the Bronze Concerts:

David Cremoni - guitar

Luca Donini - sax

Zeno Fatti - trumpet

Maria Gardoni - dance

Niccolò Sorgato - electric mandolin

Enrico Terragnoli - guitar